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"After hunting Elk in the west for 15 years with mixed results, through a friend I found the Souza's and Turkey Track Outfitters. I feel very fortunate as the experience was amazing. We were literally on game within an hour of arrival and got both of our Elk in short order. Worried that our trip was cut short, due to the early success, we quickly learned of the many other diversions available. The Souza's and their staff are incredibly gracious, knowledgeable and experts in what they do. Needless to say I plan on booking hunts for myself and my son for years to come."


"After hunting big game across the west for 15 years, I was introduced to the Souza's and Turkey Track Outfitters. I have hunted with them for the past 4 years and have had great success, with the crowning achievement being a P&Y Antelope this past fall. This is truly a first class outfit that provides a first class fair game chase that will be memorable forever. Everyone can have the rest of the West, I will stick with Turkey Track and their slice of hunting heaven."


"I can sum up my experience with Turkey Track in one word, "Incredible". This was my fourth year Elk hunting and had little success the prior years. After spending a great deal of money on other outfitting services, I was directed to the Souza's and Turkey Track Outfitters. After hunting with them and their staff, I will never use a different outfitter. Their attention to detail, patience with novices, and general friendliness was over the top. Not to mention that we were on the Elk from the first day. Truly a great outfit."

"After reading the testimonials of the experienced hunters who have hunted with turkey track outfitters let me come from a different angle. My wife and I while experienced hunters have only hunted whitetail. Our only experience in antelope hunting came from the outdoor channel. The only thing we were pretty sure about was for summer hunts rain was bad, so guess what. Sure enough rain the rain came the day before the hunt and more the first day. No excuses from turkey track outfitters. We moved to food plots and went to work. Second day my wife recorded her first bow kill ever. Being from Texas I wanted my moneys worth and held out until the last day to take my P&Y buck. There was nothing they could have done to make our hunt more enjoyable and more successful. We have found our Wyoming outfitter and we will be back...FINISH STRONG"


Having dealt with numerous outfitters thoughout the West, I would rank Turkey Track Outfitters among the best. Not only are the Souza's two of the most knowledgable guides I have ever met, they are also very gracious and will do whatever it takes to provide their clients with the ultimate fair chase hunting experience. I feel fortunate to have been able to hunt with them and plan on coming pack for many years to come."


"Jared and Pat, I just wanted to drop a line and tell you again what a fantastic time we had on the antelope hunt. I have not got the goats scored yet but everyone says two of the three we harvested will make pope and young. As soon as we get an official scorer I will send the scores to you. The trip was great, all the time Pat spent with us after the harvest was just icing on the cake . The mule deer and elk property was great and we seen a lot of good animals for a future hunt. Me and Buck especially enjoyed the fly fishing we did on the elk lease, That was the first time for both of us catching rainbow and it was great experience. Tell your mom the food was excellent and I might have gained a pound or two. We hope to visit y'all again real soon, till then keep in touch."



"For the past 28 years, I have hunted from Alabama to Montana. Six years ago, I had the opportunity to hunt with Turkey Track Outfitters and now I can't wait to hunt in my favorite place - Wyoming. The Souza's have delivered an exceptional hunting adventure every year. Not only do they offer professional services, they are honest, friendly and fun folks. As long as I can draw a tag, I plan to hunt with Turkey Track Outfitters."


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