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Since 2007, Pat and Jared Souza have been providing their clients with exceptional guided hunts and outdoor experiences—all from the place they call home. Southeastern Wyoming has been central to the lives of the Souza family for years, and their wealth of knowledge about the land and the animals that live there is unparalleled—guaranteeing you an enjoyable, worthwhile, and rewarding hunt each and every trip.

Turkey Track Outfitters was founded on a passion to create memorable hunts and provide trophy-level animals, and the team pride themselves on excellent game management and property care. While trophies are pursued, smaller, younger game is left alone to reach maximum maturity.

The Souzas and the rest of the staff at Turkey Track Outfitters are avid hunters and outdoorsmen, retaining a professional manner as they share their love of the sport. Your hunt with Turkey Track should not only be successful, but memorable and entertaining—pairing you with expert guides that are as courteous and fun as they are knowledgable. From the moment you rise on the morning of your hunt to the instant your head hits the pillow at night, your trip with Turkey Track should be one that leaves you craving for more.

Shoot us an email and we will be glad to share a list of references as well as get you directions to search our properties on Google Earth.

Turkey Track Outfitters is an authorized permitee of the Medicine Bow - Rout National Forests, an equal opportunity service provider.

We offer what others cannot

  • Turkey Track Outfitters is family owned and operated—providing a family-oriented experience.
  • Pristine hunting properties in a low-pressure setting.
  • At maximum, two (2) elk hunters are booked, four (4) deer hunters, or four (4) antelope hunters at a time. Parties are never mixed, meaning you have your guide’s complete and undivided attention (and the entire property) to yourself and your hunt.
  • Turkey Track guides know the property inside and out (and where best to hunt what and when). By the end of your trip, you’ll leave a more knowledgable hunter—guaranteed.
  • Turkey Track guides hunts 7 months out of the year. Every situation possible will be adapted to accordingly, and the style of hunting can be catered to each and every client.
  • If the hunting proves difficult, rest assured that you and your guide will go from sun up to sun down in search of an animal worth harvesting.
  • The cabin-style accommodations available are well-furnished and comfortable, with a sense of genuine, rustic character with running water hot showers and modern facilities, The hunting is accessible from your doorstep—the way it ought to be.
  • At Turkey Track, good conversation, hearty food, and a welcoming atmosphere are held in higher regard than wet bars, pool tables, and WiFi.

Simply put, we offer the best guides, the best properties, and an outfitter that has a burning desire to provide you with the best of the best when it comes to your hunting experience. If you’re looking for a first class hunting trip with high success rates and trophy level game, book your next outdoor adventure with Turkey Track Outfitters—you won’t be disappointed.

your guides


Jared takes each and every task handed to him to the extreme. Thriving on a good challenge, he’s always working angles and adapting to situations to create success. Jared views every hunt with a unique perspective, wanting to know how the game is behaving and why, and carefully breaking down the “What ifs?” on every outing. With his competitive edge and knowledge, Jared has created a stack of success stories.


Through his unmatched knowledge of the backcountry and its game, Pat has created his own tool belt full of maneuvers and tactics that can surprise even the most experienced of hunters. A seasoned guide and outfitter, Pat is nearly one being with the mountain, and it’s nearly impossible to bring a smile to his face larger than the one he displays with a pack frame and dog tracker.

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